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Nursery Services, Genetic Programs & More

Cannabis Nursery Facilities

HENDRX Farm is Humboldt County's Premier Cannabis Nursery. We have been serving California's top cultivators premium genetics since 1996, with decades of experience cultivating cannabis seeds and cannabis clones free of pest, pathogen, and pesticides.

At HENDRX, all clones are created equal. It is with this principle, that HENDRX is accustomed to the responsibility of providing healthy, clean and valuable genetics to our associated farms.

Craft Cannabis for Commercial Success

To ensure vibrant proliferate clones, HENDRX farmers propagate both rare and popular genetics exclusively for our dedicated cultivation partners. These novel varieties are only obtained through extensive in-house breeding and local partnerships.

Premium Quality
Raising the bar Evolving the highest quality standards . HENDRX elevates and empower local cultivators by providing the highest quality premium cultivars. Voted Best Cannabis Nursery in humboldt county fFour consequetive years

Verified Genetics
HENDRX curates the finest verified cannabis genetics for serious growers. Rare and popular cannabis genetics are our speciality. We offer the best expressions of the cannabis flower to commercial producers.

Pathogen Prevention
Elite and transparent pathogen prevention methods include quarantine, sterile design, 3rd party lab results, systematic sampling, and personal care. Our pathogen protection is founded upon plant intake and/or conception.

Pest Managment
Detailed microscope inspections, state approved pest control products combined with beneficial insects, and beneficial bacterial inoculations give farmers the foundation for success.

People and Processes
Our team and proven techniques developed over decades of cannabis cloning and nursery experience, allow us to accurately take your order today and have it delivered to your farm with a high degree of precision. No more guess work with your next crop.

Licensed Delivery
Organization is tantamount to providing detailed invoicing, order tracking, banking services, and METRC tracking for seeds, clones, and live plants.

Licensed by the CDFA Cannabis Nursery CCL18-0001546 and BCC Cannabis Self-Transport C13-0000119-LIC, HENDRX is a beacon for cannabis regulatory modeling.

Join the HENDRX family and enjoy online ordering, delivery, VIP inventory and more

Join the HENDRX family and enjoy online ordering, delivery, VIP inventory and more

Thanks for being a VIP member at HENDRX. Contact us with any questions.

Rooted amongst the redwoods and rugged shoreline of northern Humboldt County, HENDRX Farm has been cultivating and sharing elite cannabis genetics with serious growers in one of the most dynamic cannabis cultivation regions in the world.

HENDRX Farm grew out of a passion for sharing genetics and building upon the rich culture that has evolved throughout the decades in Humboldt County, California. The HENDRX team possesses a nuanced expertise in creating and identifying premier cultivars and delivering them to hobbyists and licensed commercial cultivators.

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HRX Bred Genetics
Our in-house bred genetics were created from the best strains we have encountered through our years of cultivation.

2022 Cannabis Strain Selection

Extended clone inventory comes from HENDRX affiliated nurseries. These nurseries follow the same strict protocols that we observe here in our Humboldt County facility. All clones are thoroughly inspected and gauranteed as usual.

Deliveries and sales are carried out by HENDRX. Certain minimum orders apply for out of area clones. Enjoy!

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